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As you know, East Coast Bagel offers "Authentic Traditional New York Style Bagels". 


East Coast Bagel, dough is unique because it is made from scratch with real natural highest-quality ingredients sourced so you can taste the difference, each bagel dough is larger than your normal bagel, has no preservatives, low in sodium and fat, and is cholesterol free. Our effort and depending on our bagel or menu item we reasonably offer best available price as we specialize our shops.
   Furthermore, East Coast Bagel, Focus our Menu as if it is like from New York from the East Coast and that is made on the premise Homemade. Please try our entire East Coast like Menu, we hope to satisfy you.

In addition, East Coast Bagel would like to thank you our customers always bringing a friend and sharing how great our food is and hope to be recommended. We hope to make you happy with our bagels and come back for more and enjoy our food as a regular as many regulars do. Please let us know how we can improve our products and serve you better. We are always at your service and try our best effort to help with attention to details. Thank you to our customers that love our food and our team work in East Coast Bagel making East Coast Bagel an exceptional wonderful place to offer our guest with personable help as soon as our guest step into the door welcoming you.

For Informational purposes, this webpage was created and intended to supplement locations altogether hope to bring value, awareness, and strengthen our businesses up to date with what's being currently offered to help and for many more years to come for Our Customers, Partnered Businesses, and The East Coast Bagel Family for all that we do. We hope to do well and be successful in this Specialty of Bagels and offer to our certain unique customers that is different. At East Coast Bagel, we hope we are worthy to you, we kindly and respectfully thank you each and to all for your love, support, and choosing East Coast Bagel.

East Coast Bagel, Subsidiary of Yum Yum Donut Shops and Winchells Donut House Family from Frank and Lincoln Watase, that sold to the Le Family as a Business Opportunity. Preston Le, his two sons Holden Le and Harrison Le, currently continues to do business together but hope to focus on East Coast Bagel. East Coast Bagel Family, is a Family Member Owned Independent Store Operator, as his family hope to continue for many more years to come.